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Outside Broadcast
Procam is Europe’s leading digital cinematography hire facility. For over 30 years, we have been pro...
Production Office Space
07598 395798
A luxury Winnebago to suit your production needs.  Production meetings, private space, make up room...
Production Assistant
07913 987 269
Experience in drama, entertainment and factual. Credits include: Trust Me I’m a Doctor, How to Stay...
Make-Up Assistant
07568 310372
Currently studying towards my HND in Makeup Artistry for TV and Film, also have 4 years + experience...
Sound Mixer
07714 187632
Deep Water, Star Wars "Solo" : Splinter Unit. Outlander Season 1,2,3,4. Black Sails...
0141 550 2231
Large amount of properties both warehouses and offices available to hire. Redundant prison facility...
Camera 1st Assistant
07837 290375
CV on request.
07961 821967
Since '95 have worked on pop promos, Films, Dramas and Commercials. Experienced with cranes inc tech...
07828 091321
Experienced childcare professional of 30+ years. Actively working chaperone. Recent credit - Molly...
Location Scout
07792 622367
Location Scout, Location Manager, Location Assistant, Unit Manager, depending on the scale of the jo...
Assistant Director
07841 506029
I've worked as an AD across the UK a...
07801 583843
Reliable and hard working runner/driver available for an immediate start. I have all the expected sk...
07305 047649
I want to build on my experience in production, as well as gaining experience in the camera departme...
Sound Recordist
07803 728924
Lots of jobs with loads of kit over the years. Drama, Docs and Commercial. Ask for a CV.
Assistant Production Co-ordinator
07793 434494
Recent credits: Trust Me 2 (Red Productions) Clique II (BBC), The Victim (STV), Ordeal by Innocence...
Assistant Director
07841 830106
Experience working across film, TV drama and commercials. Graduate of BECTU Stepping Up Drama Traini...
Production Co-ordinator
07981 520872
Highly organised Production Co-ordinator with experience working in live and pre-recorded programmes...
Artist (Scenic)
Petty Cash Buyer - BBC Drama The Cry 2018 Props Painter - Netflix Outlaw King 2018 Petty Cash Buyer...
Production Designer
01357 523871
Drama / Comedy / Entertainment. Recent credits: That's Plenty,The Midnight Gang, Grandpa's Great Es...

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