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Camera Trainee
07843 255773
Scotland based Camera Trainee with bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. She has worked as a Ca...
Camera Lighting
07865 094681
Glasgow based Lighting Cameraman/DOP. Experienced in Drama, Documentary, Travel, M...
Camera 2nd Assistant
07830 145315
Experienced with 16mm and 35mm film. Arri Alexa LF, Red Monstro and Sony F55 cameras and 3D rigs. ...
0131 664 5555
Supplying cast and crew transportation to the film and media industry. Our large fle...
Drone Operator
07836 225192
Experienced CAA approved drone operator with DJI Inspire 2 drone and Zenmuse X7 cinema package. 6K r...
Food Stylist
07837 669047
Creative and passionate French chef with over 25 years experience. Home economist and food styling....
Camera Operator
07710 074100
The A List, 2 Doors Down 2 - 4, Outlander 2nd Unit /Dailies, Benidorm Series 7 -10.
Assistant Production Co-ordinator
07972 160742
BBC trained and experienced Production Coordinator, Assistant Production Coordinator  and Script Sec...
Voice and Dialect Coach
07970 026621
Specialising in all dialect & dialogue coaching for films & television. Recently Wheel,of Time, Span...
07806 683493
Over 21, full UK driving licence and Coronavirus Basic Training from Screenskills. Experience in pro...
Location Scout
+44 (0) 7909 981600
With over 20 years in the industry, MMP offers bespoke production & location services to fashion & a...
Wardrobe Supervisor
07775 880573
Over 10 years costume experience..  Supervisor - “The Demon headmaster” (BBC), “Run” (BarryCrerar),...
07778 062106
Experienced Propmaster. Full CV on request.
07931 291171
Recent Propmaster Credits include: Churchill, Outlander seasons 1, -5, Case Histories, What We Did O...
Underwater/Lighting Cameraman
07845 955087
Self shooting and underwater filmmaker. Has worked with a range of cameras, shooting and lighting so...
Script Supervisor
07880 802586
Full CV available on request.
Costume Designer
07723 922010
Costume Designer / Stylist and Costume Supervisor Team  Instagram:
07480 928581
Experienced and passionate location marshall and runner, looking to expand her knowledge within the...
Camera 1st Assistant
07946 147656
Experienced in Features, TV Drama and Commercials.
Assistant Director
07770 917842
Glasgow based 1st Assistant Director. DGA member. Recent credits: Outlander, Homeland, Ex Machina, U...

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