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Camera 1st Assistant
07828 540127
Experienced in Features, TV Drama, Commercials, and Documentaries. Member of the Guild Of British Ca...
Covid Supervisor
0141 334 1223
I'm a Unit Base and  On-Set Sports Therapist and Qualified Covid Supervisor ensuring proactive early...
Art Director
07801 365498
Supervising Art Director: Outlander, The Princess Switch, The Etruscan Smile. Art Director: Filth,...
Wardrobe Supervisor
07775 880573
Over 10 years costume experience..  Supervisor - “The Demon headmaster” (BBC), “Run” (BarryCrerar),...
Make-Up Assistant
07738 174124
I am a Scotland based Make-Up Artist and have been working within the industry for four years.  I h...
0131 555 0945
Winner Roses Silver Award 2013 for ‘Best Animated Film’. Award winning producer and owner of Muckle...
Camera Lighting
07973 887712
Outlander (Additional Photography), Commercials, Waterloo Road, Taggart, The Bill, River City.
07849 968294
Full, clean UK Driving License (21+). Screen Academy Scotland graduate with experience in writing an...
07864 256897
Over the years I have been involved with the Scottish Film and TV industry indirectly, through worki...
Line Producer
07974 171762
Recent credits include: Halo (Showtime), Into the Badlands 2 & 3 (AMC), Filth, Borgias Season 3 (Sho...
Camera Assistant
07967 292595
Full CV available on request.
Director of Photography
07502 098857
Scottish based filmmaker. I have over 10 years experience in documentary and commercial work for cli...
+44 (0)7976 442161
One of Scotlands most experienced headshot photographers. Currently resident at Summerhall, Edinburg...
Camera 1st Assistant
Focus Puller with bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunkeld, Orkney and London. Experienced in Features,...
Make-Up Artist
07771 526009
Experienced Make-Up Artist, Scotland Based. Travel no issue. Worked with MTV, STV,...
Editor working across documentary, drama and animation. A graduate of the National Film and Televisi...
07928 100197
Broad experience in Features and TV including: Guilt, Scheme Birds, Nae Pasaran, Dirt Road to Lafaye...
Art Director
07961 163012
Experienced in Features, Drama and Commercials. Recent credits as Art Director | Outlander I, II, II...
Camera Operator
07970 190691
Experienced in Film & TV, documentary & commercials. Worked with companies such as BBC, HBO.  BAFT...
Production Assistant
07491 322838
Glasgow based freelance production assistant with experience working across both large scale event a...

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