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Camera Operator
Camera operator on high end drama. Recent credits include Outlander, The Cry and Trust Me Series 2.
Script Supervisor
07786 152479
Gallery / Music Script Supervisor Multi-camera studio & OB Script Supervisor. Experienced in script...
Sound Recordist
07714 187632
Deep Water, Star Wars "Solo" : Splinter Unit. Outlander Season 1,2,3,4. Black Sails Season 3. Peaky...
Assistant Editor
07944 363677
Studied a Bachelor of Screen Arts and six years working as an Assistant Editor on Feature Film and D...
Experienced Premiere/Avid Editor with various broadcast credits. Commercial, entertainment, comedy,...
Location Assistant
07876 103345
I am a hands on Location Assistant with 1 year of experience on various projects from big budget fea...
Edinburgh-based award winning composer for TV, films, theatre and advertising. Please visit my websi...
Sound Studio
07990 711566
Scotland's major recording studio since 1974. NEVE VR Legend 48 with Protools HD3+ PrismSound ADA-8X...
Sound Mixer
07961 030679
Recent Credits Include: The Small Hand,       The 12th Man, Float. 0796103...
Lighting Gaffer
07973 784875
Production Designer
0141 550 2821
Designer credits: Two Doors Down, A Long Long Crime Ago, Don't Drop The Baton, Ooglies, Mission 2110...
Set Decorator
0141 959 2352
Experienced in film, TV and commercials. Recent film - Sorry We Missed You, The Wife, Spectre Recen...
Sound Recordist
07956 649919
Own sound kit available including Stereo Mics, Digital Radio Mics. Digital camera hops, SD633, SD788...
Prop Hire
01389 736522
We hold Scotland's largest and most comprehensive collection of general props: from large furniture...

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