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07974 668389
I've recently graduate from Edinburgh College with an A in HND Television and am looking for more pr...
Grip Assistant/Trainee
07583 326626
AssistantGrip  Temple, Call the Midwife, Hetty Feather, The Replacement  Standby Stagehand   4 Seas...
Make-Up Assistant
07527 341662
Hair and Makeup Assistant based in both Glasgow and London. I have most recently been assisting Hair...
Camera Operator
/Fax 0141 423 2707
Film, High Definition and Video. Drama, Documentaries, Commercials and Corporates.
Camera 2nd Assistant
07787 297586
Recent credits include: The Midnight Gang, Vera (dailies), We don't talk about love, Outlander 4 2nd...
07414 701781
Experienced editor cutting drama and factual. Recent Credits include: Bafta winner '...
Assistant Director
07956 980 340
2nd Assistant Director - 2nd AD with over 20 years experience in the Film & Television Industry. Sho...
Artist (Scenic)
07811 321586
Propmaker, modelmaker & scenic artist with 25+ years experience; sculpting, casting, bespoke paintin...
Make-Up Artist
07793 113392
TV - BBC Impossible Series 6, Impossible Celebrities Series 2, BBC Impossible Series 7.  Seven year...
Director of Photography
07973 887712
Outlander (Additional Photography), Commercials, Waterloo Road, Taggart, The Bill, River City.
Wardrobe Assistant
07710 643770
Junior Crowd Assistant/Standby for period drama Outlander series 5. Experience in wardrobe supervisi...
07740 083211
Looking for entry level positions in Locations or Art Department.  Based in Falkirk, available for...
Make-Up Artist
0141 942 1859
Over 22 years experience in Film & Television, Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence S2, Reporting Sco...
Production Manager
07886 754148
Experienced in Feature Films & TV dramas.  Most recent credits include: Eurovision (Netflix), Cliqu...
07501 996113
Gentle hands on McTimoney Chiropractic treatment supports optimum health for the whole body. Adjust...
Make-Up Designer
07990 581512
Hair and Make-up Artist with 20 years of experience in Film, TV, Commercials and Pho...
07881 578351
Edinburgh based PA/Runner with over a year's experience working on location for both international a...
07584 191165
Looking to kickstart a career in the industry as a production/location runner. Graduated with a BA(...
Assistant Production Accountant
07976 964837
Credits include: Outlander Season 5, 4, 3 & 2, Eve Season 2, 'The Correspondence', W...

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