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DIT Digital Imaging Technician
07834 185578
DIT - Netflix/Feature/TV/Commercial experience. Kit can be tailored to provide bespo...
Director of Photography
0141 632 3245
Experienced in documentaries, commercials, drama, features, music, promos, (& other stuff...)
07961 821967
Since '95 have worked on pop promos, Films, Dramas and Commercials. Experienced with cranes inc tech...
Production Manager
07802 970774
Line Producer: Junk Rescue, S1 & S2, Hello Halo tv Ltd,  2017 - Feb 2019 Line Producer: Cold Call,...
Camera Assistant
07593 212136
Glasgow based Camera Assistant with experience on commercials, promos, shorts, Live OB, and freelanc...
Sound Recordist
07976 570555
Location sound recordist with own kit. Experience in all programme styles including documentary, com...
Drone Operator
01389 887508
Rotary and Fixed Wing Drones, DJi Inspire 2, DJi Inspire 1 Pro, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, S90...
Sound Recordist/Mixer
07712 047333
More than 15 years experience in Commercials, Film and Documentary.
Director of Photography
07900 953590
Experienced in fiction, ads, brand films, TV docs. Available with 4k camera, zooms/primes, lighting,...
07495 242420
Experienced in Standy-by and Dressing Props in the 90’s and Noughties in Scotland.  Returned to wor...
Art Department Assistant
07875 344153
Graphics Assistant Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign / After Effects / Full UK Drivers Licence / G...
Production Co-ordinator
07981 520872
Highly organised Production Co-ordinator with experience working in live and pre-recorded programmes...
Camera Assistant
07864 809826
Camera Assistant/2nd Camera Assistant proficient in Drama and Documentary. Experienced in Commercial...
Camera Trainee
07972 068751
Ex Screen NETS 2019 Camera Trainee. Bases in Glasgow, Aberdeen and The Outer Hebrides. Experience i...
07412 959529
Floor Runner / Crowd Runner / 3rd AD with 6 years of experience in film, TV drama and commercial pro...
Camera 2nd Assistant
07775 393144
Three Years experience in Camera. Six in the film industry. Hardworking and driven Feature Film and...
Camera 2nd Assistant
07815 068931
Full clean UK driving licence & car.  Experienced: ARRI Alexa, Almera, RED One/Epic/Scarlet/Dragon,...
Make-Up Artist
0141 942 1859
Over 22 years experience in Film & Television, Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence S2, Reporting Sco...
Sound Recordist
07852 248843
Glasgow-based Sound Recordist. Recent credits: Ribbons, 425 Calories, Listen
Line Producer
07802 970774

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