Production Company


John W Archer, Carolynne Sinclair Kidd

Film City Glagsow
401 Govan Road
G51 2QJ

Woman Make Film, directed by Mark Cousins, sold worldwide in 2020 with film seasons on TCM and SVT, and Mark was awarded the inaugural Innovation in Storytelling award from the European Film Academy. We have also launched a joint venture for comedy, Channel X Hopscotch, led by the brilliant Carolynne Sinclair Kidd. In 2021 we launch The Story of Film a New Generation, plus a high definition remaster of the original series and Jono Macleod's debut feature Going Back (w/t). Matt Pinder's Harry Birrell's Films of Love and War and Stephen Bennett's Eminent Monsters continue to play, to delight and shock respectively. Jack Archer's Orphan's Reunited was a great revisiting of a Scottish classic at 10.  Still keen to work with new talent and to push the boundaries of the possible. 

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